Meeting Future Me

No, I didn't get a visit from my future self (although I feel like that would help assuage a lot of my anxieties). But I did get to meet Rainbow Rowell at a recent book signing in Orlando and I saw what I hope will one day be my future. This particular adventure starts in... Continue Reading →

I Believe in a Thing Called Love: A Spoilery Book Rant

I know these reviews are supposed to be spoiler-free, but I finished this book almost a month ago now and still feel so many emotions that I need to hash this one out in full. Sorry in advance, but it's time for another rant. I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maureen Goo is... Continue Reading →

Self-Care for the Skeptic

I am not an influencer. Sure, I help write this blog and take photos for the Instagram page and enjoy sharing tidbits of wisdom as I discover them. But most of my time is spent at work. And when I'm not there, you can find me at my apartment with my fiance and my our cat. I don't have the time, nor the energy, for photogenic "self-care." In fact, for a long time, the whole idea of self-care bothered me.

I Survived NaNoWriMo2K19

I've had a week or so to disconnect and process the month that was November and the challenge of NaNoWriMo. I wanted to take a couple minutes and share how I did and what I learned.

Stephen King Challenge Book One: Carrie

Date Started: 11/14/19 Date Finished: 11/26/19 Bought From: Books-A-Million (Used) The first book of my Stephen King challenge is officially complete, and I'm so excited to share my thoughts with ya'll! I have previously read Carrie, so I went into this knowing what to expect. However, going back to my Goodreads review of this from... Continue Reading →

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